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Apple Cider Vinegar: Health Miracle or Tooth Ruiner?

If you have any friends who are interested in alternative medicine, you’ve probably heard the words “apple cider vinegar” enough to last a lifetime. While you may already have it in your pantry as a cooking ingredient, in the last few years, it’s become a major health trend. Apple cider vinegar (known casually as “ACV” […]

Is Your Gift Hurting Your Valentine’s Teeth?

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, which means plenty of people are sweating over picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to communicate their affection to their loved ones. The traditional options are pretty limited: Flowers, jewelry, candy. And the latter is by far the most affordable. But you may want to reconsider the prettily-packaged sweet treats […]

Tooth Brushing Isn’t Enough to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

As a society, we care a lot about our teeth. We celebrate lost baby teeth with tooth fairy payouts and commemorative photos, and surveys show when we’re deciding whether or not we find someone attractive, we often look to their smile. It may seem strange to care so much about teeth, but actually, teeth […]

Should You Tell Your Dentist About Your Sex Life?

When you come in for a regularly scheduled dental appointment, what do you talk with your dentist about? The weather, perhaps? The upcoming Eagles game and whether the Vikings have another shocker in them? No matter what your answer is, chances are it’s not “your sex life.” But thanks to a veritable epidemic of oropharyngeal […]

How’s Your Overall Health? Your Mouth Can Give You a Hint

It’s easy to think of your health and your oral health as two separate beasts. After all, you see separate medical professionals, and many people think of oral health as limited to your mouth. Poor oral hygiene? You may get a cavity, or have bad breath.

Unfortunately, this limited view of oral health is not only […]

Natural Remedies for Tooth Sensitivity

When you drink something particularly hot or cold, or eat something particularly sweet or acidic, do you experience discomfort or pain in your teeth? If you do suffer from tooth sensitivity like this, you’re not alone. One study indicates that as many as one in eight adults experiences tooth sensitivity.


4 Ways to Improve Your Gum Health

It’s easy to think of dentistry as being all about the teeth, but the gums, in many ways, are the foundations upon which your teeth depend. They are just as important to your oral health as your teeth are. Unfortunately, most of us are dedicating a lot more time and energy to caring for our […]

3 Vices Your Teeth Want You to Kick

We all have bad habits. For some people, it’s snoozing their alarm in the morning, or going out for dinner more than their budget allows. Usually, we know what our bad habits are — and that we should probably be doing something about them. But did you know that some of your bad habits are […]

If a Monkey Can Floss, So Can You

Do you floss? Even if you know you should, statistics show that you still probably don’t. Despite studies repeatedly showing that flossing is just as important as brushing and can even add years to your life, a startling 60% of Americans don’t floss every day — including,20% who never floss at all.

With those […]

Is Your Toothbrushing Routine On Point?

You may think you’ve got a handle on brushing your teeth. After all, you do it twice a day, every day. But having experience doesn’t necessarily mean having expertise, and it’s easy to get complacent with your brushing and flossing when you have to do it so often.

Unfortunately, getting lazy with your toothbrushing can lead […]