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The Dental Excellence Of Blue Bell Blog

Do It Yourself Projects are for Crafts, Not Your Teeth

An alarming new trend among school-aged children has dentists cringing. Children have started to use fishing wire, rubber bands, and paper clips as materials to straighten their teeth at home. The DIY-trend is extremely dangerous and can cause teeth to fall out. Rubber bands are full of bacteria. Their abrasive quality can cut gums, […]

Brushing Before Breakfast? Scheduling Your Oral Hygiene

We all know that brushing your teeth is imperative to remove plaque and keep your gums healthy. But do you know exactly when you should be doing the brushing? Should you brush before breakfast, or after? When should flossing enter the picture? And what about mouthwash?

If you’re ready to optimize your oral hygiene routine, you’re […]

Is Tooth Loss Linked to Heart Disease?

No one likes having missing teeth. Whether you’ve lost a tooth from decay, disease, or trauma, that gap in your smile presents more than just an aesthetic problem: It can compromise the health of nearby teeth, make oral hygiene more difficult, and even impact your speech and diet. But that’s not all […]

Stop Making These 4 Teeth-Damaging Mistakes

Do you love your teeth? Do you want to keep them? Even if the answer is yes, you’re probably doing some things day-to-day that hurt your chances of keeping all your teeth intact throughout your life. And since teeth don’t grow back once they’re damaged or gone, the question of whether or not you want […]