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4 Tips For Better Wisdom Tooth Recovery

There are plenty of reasons why getting your wisdom teeth removed is a good idea. It can prevent overcrowding in your mouth, which will eventually cause your teeth to shift and become crooked, and it can also prevent cavities and gum disease in the future. Regardless of the reasons for getting your [link […]

Shape Up Your Smile for the Summer

What do you want out of summer 2018? Do you have plans to travel to all the beaches you can? Maybe you’d like to hit the trails to camp, fish, or boat. Whether you’re planning to stay where you are or travel, you probably want to look good doing it. Summer is a time to […]

Do It Yourself Projects are for Crafts, Not Your Teeth

An alarming new trend among school-aged children has dentists cringing. Children have started to use fishing wire, rubber bands, and paper clips as materials to straighten their teeth at home. The DIY-trend is extremely dangerous and can cause teeth to fall out. Rubber bands are full of bacteria. Their abrasive quality can cut gums, […]