When people come in asking for the Denture Fountain of Youth®, they have many reasons for wanting to replace their old dentures, but three come up over and over again.

The Look

2013-12-9-back-teeth-full-faceTraditional dentures often give people a sunken-faced look. This is because the teeth on traditional dentures are often set too far back and are too short.

Teeth on dentures are often set back too far because the denture itself is unstable. By putting the teeth directly over the center of the ridge in the jawbone, dentists hope to make the denture more stable. The problem is that once the teeth are gone, this ridge can move backward, so the teeth are placed too far back.

Dentists may also make dentures with teeth that are too short because they are trying to replicate your teeth as they were just before you lost them, when they were probably highly worn. This means that your dentures would then be too short, so you will have excess skin and tissue in the face that either folds, creating wrinkles, or sags.

The Denture Fountain of Youth® is made to correct these problems with traditional dentures, so you end up with a natural and more youthful appearance.

The Fit

Many people complain about the fit of their dentures. The dentures are often too loose and may irritate their gums.

FOY® Dentures are designed to fit better. Using neuromuscular dentistry principles, these dentures are designed to fit not just with your gums and bones, they are designed to utilize your muscles for additional support and stability, which helps give them a better fit. This better fit is what allows the teeth to be placed further forward.

Improved Chewing

People with dentures also complain that they can no longer eat the foods they love because of their dentures. Poor denture fit makes it hard for people to chew, which then prevents them from eating anything that requires vigorous or difficult chewing.

But FOY® Dentures allow you to chew better than traditional dentures so that you will be surprised and delighted at all the foods you can eat. Just as it took a while for you to adapt to your poorly-fitting dentures, it may take a little while to adapt back to great-fitting dentures, and then you’ll love exploring all your options at the family barbecue this summer.

Chances are you have many reasons for wanting to upgrade from your old dentures. To learn more about the benefits of FOY® Dentures, please call (610) 272-0828 for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Dental Excellence of Blue Bell in Philadelphia.