When Allure magazine recently asked numerous people what age they would prefer to be, most said 31. This answer also seemed consistent with views on attractiveness, with women believing themselves most attractive at age 31 and men viewing women as most attractive at age 29. Interestingly, when asked at what age they viewed themselves as most attractive, both female and male respondents answered 30 the vast majority of the time.

A Nip and a Tuck

When it comes to cosmetic surgical procedures aimed at turning back the clock, women and men shared vastly different views. According to Allure, only 18 percent of men said they’d be willing to have injections or surgery to correct age-related flaws; on the other hand, 42 percent of female respondents said they would be willing to go under the knife.

Tougher for Women

Unfortunately for women, age doesn’t appear to hit the masculine sex quite as hard. When asked what words come to mind when they see a man with graying hair, both male and female respondents answered “distinguished.” On the other hand, when asked the same question in reference to women with graying hair, respondents chose the word “old.” Likewise, when they were asked who endured greater pressure to stay youthful looking, 84 percent of males and 91 percent of females answered: women. Additionally, while 56 percent of women said they worried significantly about age-related flaws, only 36 percent of male respondents said the same.

A Simple Answer

Although we can’t stop Father Time; there are some things many of us can do to gain a younger look. Traditional dentures tend to make people look older by creating a sunk-in look. They also offer poor support to facial tissue, resulting in creases and jowls that make us look older than we really are. Fortunately, Dr. Siegel provides his patients with the modern Denture Fountain of Youth® that fit perfectly to provide ample facial support. To learn more about how FOY® Dentures can significantly improve your appearance, contact his office today.