<![CDATA[Most diagnosed sleep apneics have heard about CPAP. Many people who are diagnosed with sleep apnea are given a CPAP machine as a first line of treatment. Even though CPAP is the gold standard method to treating sleep apnea, this doesn’t mean that the machine is for everyone. In fact, many sleep apneics are CPAP-intolerant for one reason or another. The CPAP doesn’t work for everyone but thankfully there are plenty of other methods, such as oral appliance therapy, that are just as effective in treating sleep apnea for many patients. One new alternative method on the horizon for sleep apneics who are CPAP-intolerant is Provent.
Provent is a technology on its own, making use of the patient’s breathing pattern in order to keep the airway open and free of any type of blockage that may hinder breathing. The makers of Provent, Ventus, entered the sleep apnea world with hopes of being able to become another alternative treatment for sleep apnea. The push behind creating Provent was the fact that so many sleep apneics who did not experience results with the CPAP simply decreased usage of it or stopped using the machine altogether.
Ventus hopes to become a recognized alternative treatment to the CPAP machine, just as oral appliance therapy has. Thankfully more and more insurance companies have began to cover alternative methods like oral appliances, making alternative treatment for sleep apnea much more affordable for those who are found to be CPAP-intolerant.
No matter if you’ve tried all sorts of sleep apnea treatments, the fact is that there is sure to be a sleep apnea treatment available that will work for you. If CPAP has failed for you in the past, don’t worry! Work with Dr. Siegel to find a sleep apnea treatment method that will keep you sleeping safe and soundly at night. Book an appointment today to learn about your options.]]>