When most people think of braces, they imagine a pimpled teenager with a mouth full of shiny metal brackets and wires. This is an image of orthodontics that has been burned into our minds thanks to teen comedies and cartoonishly exaggerated portrayals of orthodontics in pop culture. And while most of us know that adults can get braces, perceptions like the one described here can still prevent adults from pursuing orthodontic treatment. Is there an age limit on braces? And will adults look childish or awkward with orthodontics in place? These are concerns that many people have when looking into braces later in life.

Why Get Braces Young?

Of course, there are good reasons to get braces young, if you have the chance. The older you get, the stronger your teeth become, and the more difficult they are to move. Kids’ teeth are more malleable, making it easier to shape them into a neatly aligned smile. Unfortunately, many people who had braces in their youth but failed to keep up use of their retainers, or experienced later dental problems or accidents, may have ended up with crooked teeth despite their best efforts earlier in life. And of course, not everyone could afford braces at a young age, or perhaps their parents didn’t see fit to get orthodontic work done. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of adults who want a straighter smile. And they’re in luck: Anyone can get orthodontics at any age and straighten out their teeth into a smile they can be proud to show off.

Many Options for Straighter Teeth

If you’re picturing the kinds of shiny metal braces that earned teens names like “Tinsel Teeth” and “Metal Mouth” in school, you’re picturing an outdated type of orthodontics that has nothing to do with how crooked teeth can be aligned nowadays. For a busy professional, or just someone who cares about the aesthetic of their smile during the orthodontic process, clear braces have become the go-to subtle treatment for a misaligned smile. These discreet clear aligners work just like traditional braces, but are nearly invisible and can be easily removed to make eating and oral hygiene easy. And this may sound too good to be true, but they’re less expensive than traditional braces, too! If you’re looking for an inexpensive option that delivers quick results, Six Month Smiles may be the best program for you. These braces are made with tooth-colored wires and brackets for a subtle but speedy treatment that focuses on just the teeth that show when you smile for a shortcut to a straight-looking set of pearly whites. Of course, if you really want to get the fastest possible results, the Inman Aligner could be the winning option. This aligner is more visible than the other options for braces, but is powerful enough to show you results in a matter of weeks. If you’re interested in braces at any age, there are treatments that suit your needs and your timeline. Speak to an experienced cosmetic dentist in Blue Bell, PA to learn more about how you can get a straighter smile. Call us at (610) 272-0828 or contact us online to make an appointment.