Although it may not have the same level of following that Breaking Bad has, when Awkward. reached its series finale, the young star decided to celebrate in rare fashion by having her wisdom teeth extracted. And, like so many of those in her age group, Ashley Rickards apparently believes that no moment should go unTweeted, so she captured a moment in the midst of the surgery with a picture of herself clutching an Ugg slipper for comfort the way her character dove into Unraveled in the series finale.

A Good Role Model

Rickards is a star who has grown up featured in multiple cult shows for her generation. As an actress in One Tree Hill, and now Awkward. she is an actress that many young women look to as a role model. She is also a very positive one, who exhibits not the raunchy behavior of Miley Cyrus or the drugs alcohol addiction of Lindsay Lohan, Rickards is known, like her Awkward. character, for her intelligence. She graduated from high school at the age of 15 and is currently a member of high IQ society MENSA.

Teens Need to Make Oral Health a Priority

Hopefully, Rickards sharing her oral surgery picture will inspire more teens to pay attention to their oral health. With all the issues teenagers face, oral hygiene can be neglected, but there are many important dental issues that teens should deal with. Teeth straightening with braces or clear aligners may be recommended at this age, and, of course, wisdom teeth become an issue. Wisdom teeth that are impacted or threaten to crowd your other teeth should be extracted.
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