There are plenty of reasons why getting your wisdom teeth removed is a good idea. It can prevent overcrowding in your mouth, which will eventually cause your teeth to shift and become crooked, and it can also prevent cavities and gum disease in the future. Regardless of the reasons for getting your wisdom teeth removed, recovering after the surgery can be a challenge.

If you’re planning to get your wisdom teeth removed soon, check out these four tips to make your recovery quicker and more pleasant.
Better Wisdom Tooth Recovery

Ask Questions and Do Research (But Not Too Much)

For many, the scariest aspect of undergoing a medical procedure that involves surgery, is the feeling of being helpless. While it’s difficult to control the actual procedure, it can be helpful to figure out what you can control, and work toward that. Gaining more information can be one of those things that offer some assurance. Have a conversation with your family dentist or oral surgeon about what you can expect after the surgery, and a general timeline for recovery — 3 to 5 days. If you live alone, it may be helpful to ask a friend or family member to stay the night immediately following your surgery.

Make Sleep a Priority

Sleep helps your body heal. In the days following the surgery, try to get plenty of rest, keeping your head elevated. Taking opioid based pain-killers can actually make it difficult for your body to get quality rest, so try to avoid these types of painkillers before you go to bed.  Also, try to avoid doing anything strenuous at least for two days following the procedure.

Careful What You Eat

Avoiding hard or solid foods for at least two days after your surgery is key. Following the procedure, your jaw will be sore, and your mouth will be sensitive to hot and cold. Foods such as bananas, smoothies, mashed potatoes, or soup served medium hot, could be perfect for keeping your mouth safe. It’s also important to remember not to use a straw with any food or drink you consume, as this could increase your chances of developing a dry socket.

Keep Your Mouth Open

The first time you open your mouth after your wisdom teeth removal, open it gently. You should expect your mouth to be a little stiff following the procedure, and constantly straining your range of motion could cause your mouth to be more sore.

Wisdom teeth removal can be a scary procedure to undergo, but preparing for it can go a long way in making the whole process more manageable. Remember that your dentist is there to help, and provide you with any information you may need about wisdom teeth removal.

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