After blogging about it last week, we learned that the DentiDrill at-home dental system was a hoax designed by a high-end European advertising firm to get attention for one of their clients. They did a great job with creating the campaign, not only filming the professional-calibre commercial and buying prime ad space for it, but in creating a website dedicated to the product that also looked and performed like a real product, right down to taking orders.

So we can all be happy knowing that people are not about to start drilling and filling their own teeth.

However, since the ad campaign was to promote a dental insurance firm, it’s worth taking the time to consider some of the pros and cons of dental insurance.

Pro: Dental Insurance Can Help Control Costs

Dental work can get expensive, and dental insurance can be a way to help control your costs. Depending on the plan, you may get good discounts on cleanings and checkups, small fillings, or more involved procedures. Each plan has different benefits, so it’s important to understand what is offered by your insurance.

Con: Not All Insurance Is a Good Deal

Sometimes, dental insurance costs a lot without giving much back in return. The plans either give little or no benefit, or are expensive and offer huge benefits that you may not be able to take advantage of. When buying dental insurance, consider your options carefully and run a realistic count of benefits against what you’re actually paying.

Con: Some Insurance Won’t Cover Quality Care

Another problem with some dental insurance is that it only covers the lowest-cost option, which isn’t always the best for you. This can diminish your benefits, turning procedures that you thought would be covered into ones where you either get coverage for inadequate care or no coverage at all.

Overall, we know that dental insurance can benefit many of our patients, so we continue to work with dental insurance. We can also talk to you about your benefits and help you decide whether it’s best to maintain insurance, or to go without and take advantage of some of our other payment options, such as cash discounts, third party financing, and more.

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