Researchers at the University of Munster in Germany have conducted a study which indicates that sex may minimize or even eliminate migraine pain. Published in the journal Cephalalgia, the study demonstrated that a person may be able to stop an impending or existing migraine by having sexual relations. In conducting their study, the researchers polled a couple hundred migraine sufferers. After asking them pointed questions related to their sexual habits, the researchers reported that several had in fact tried sex as a way of alleviating migraine pain, with an astounding 60 percent reporting that orgasms either stopped or lessened a migraine attack.

What if You Have TMD?

Although temporomandibular joint disorder originates in the jaw joint, it can cause all sorts of symptoms that affect many parts of the body. Quite often, TMD sufferers get serious headaches that have all the markings of migraines. However, while they can be severe, these headaches usually aren’t migraines at all, meaning they typically don’t respond to traditional or alternative migraine treatments, whether they be massage, acupuncture, herbs, prescription drugs or, in this case, sex.

Getting Real Help

If your migraine-like headaches are joined with facial tenderness, neck soreness, chewing difficulties, jaw pain and/or jaw clicking; you may have TMD. By evaluating your specific symptoms, Dr. Siegel can determine the overall cause. If he sees that you suffer from TMD, he can provide TMD therapy that will alleviate your TMD symptoms, whether it’s jaw pain, chewing problems, headaches or something else. To learn more, contact his office today.