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Is Tooth Loss Linked to Heart Disease?

No one likes having missing teeth. Whether you’ve lost a tooth from decay, disease, or trauma, that gap in your smile presents more than just an aesthetic problem: It can compromise the health of nearby teeth, make oral hygiene more difficult, and even impact your speech and diet. But that’s not all […]

Tooth Brushing Isn’t Enough to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

As a society, we care a lot about our teeth. We celebrate lost baby teeth with tooth fairy payouts and commemorative photos, and surveys show when we’re deciding whether or not we find someone attractive, we often look to their smile. It may seem strange to care so much about teeth, but actually, teeth […]

How’s Your Overall Health? Your Mouth Can Give You a Hint

It’s easy to think of your health and your oral health as two separate beasts. After all, you see separate medical professionals, and many people think of oral health as limited to your mouth. Poor oral hygiene? You may get a cavity, or have bad breath.

Unfortunately, this limited view of oral health is not only […]

Gum Disease Tied to Deadly Liver Scarring

Your liver serves many important roles in the body. Besides filtering toxins out of your blood, it also synthesizes proteins, produces the biochemicals you need for healthy digestion, produces hormones, and even helps with the decomposition of red blood cells. It should be unsurprising, then, that when this important organ stops functioning as […]

Tobacco Bill Puts Oral Health at Risk

It’s no longer a surprise to anyone to hear that tobacco use is dangerous for your health. But recent legislation could compromise the FDA’s ability to continue to communicate that important public health information to possible consumers of tobacco products.

Cigarettes sticking out from the pack

New Act Exempts Dangerous Tobacco […]