General Health

How Your Medications Can Impact Your Oral Health

Do you take at least one medication daily? Chances are that you do — statistics show that nearly 60% of Americans take at least one prescription drug, and plenty of those people are taking more than one. If you include over-the-counter medications, those percentages get even higher. But how many of those people are […]

More Than Half of Older Americans Skip Dental Checkups

It’s easy to make excuses for skipping a dental checkup if you aren’t experiencing any problems. But regular checkups are important to stay on top of oral health. Skipping checkups can exacerbate existing problems that you aren’t aware of yet. And even if your teeth are in perfect health, checkups can prevent future […]

Reduce Your Risk of Pneumonia by Going to the Dentist

There are some risks that we all know regular dentist appointments will reduce — the risk of cavities, the risk of plaque buildup, the risk of yellowed teeth. But did you know that going to the dentist can also reduce your risk of pneumonia?

Pneumonia affects nearly a million Americans annually, and as many as […]

Pretreatment Can Help Avoid Oral Complications During Cancer Treatment

We talked before about the potential need for reconstructive dentistry after cancer treatment. But that’s only part of the cycle of care. In order to ensure you get the full care you need, we have to start your cancer-related oral care before you begin radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Benefits of Seeing Your Dentist before […]

Your Office Cake Is Killing You

We know that our office can be a very unhealthy place. There’s the stress. Then there’s the sitting. And there’s even, according to a recent feature in Newsweek, the office air. It’s all trying to kill you.

But not office cake, right? Surely not office cake, that sweet and sharable distraction from the otherwise drab […]