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Gum Disease

Can Gum Disease Increase Your Stroke Risk?

When most patients take steps to protect their oral health, many consider tooth decay, tooth loss, or even cosmetic issues to be their number one motivator. They’re afraid of cavities, stains, are even the idea of traditional dentures. Though all of these concerns are legitimate, they can take some of the attention […]

What’s the Deal With Plaque?

Have you ever looked at your floss and noticed something white and sticky on it? At first glance, that blob might seem like a stray piece of bread, but on closer inspection, you realize it’s something else. That something else happens to be dental plaque, enemy of your teeth and gums. When plaque is allowed […]

Save Your Teeth, Quit Smoking

There are plenty of reasons to quit smoking. Smoking can raise the risk of various autoimmune diseases like lupus or Graves disease. It has been linked to nearly 15 forms of cancer, and it can significantly increase your chances of lung disease, heart disease, and other smoking-related illnesses. In fact, many doctors consider quitting smoking […]

Is Tooth Loss Linked to Heart Disease?

No one likes having missing teeth. Whether you’ve lost a tooth from decay, disease, or trauma, that gap in your smile presents more than just an aesthetic problem: It can compromise the health of nearby teeth, make oral hygiene more difficult, and even impact your speech and diet. But that’s not all […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Gum Health

It’s easy to think of dentistry as being all about the teeth, but the gums, in many ways, are the foundations upon which your teeth depend. They are just as important to your oral health as your teeth are. Unfortunately, most of us are dedicating a lot more time and energy to caring for our […]