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Porcelain Veneers

Instagram Gives Smiles More Exposure

Social media is changing the way people look at themselves and the world around them. And perhaps no platform is making as much of a change as Instagram. It’s the third most popular social media platform, but in many ways it has the most impact on its users, according to some studies. The constant […]

Shape Up Your Smile for the Summer

What do you want out of summer 2018? Do you have plans to travel to all the beaches you can? Maybe you’d like to hit the trails to camp, fish, or boat. Whether you’re planning to stay where you are or travel, you probably want to look good doing it. Summer is a time to […]

Do It Yourself Projects are for Crafts, Not Your Teeth

An alarming new trend among school-aged children has dentists cringing. Children have started to use fishing wire, rubber bands, and paper clips as materials to straighten their teeth at home. The DIY-trend is extremely dangerous and can cause teeth to fall out. Rubber bands are full of bacteria. Their abrasive quality can cut gums, […]

Get Back the Smile of Your Youth!

Remember when you were eighteen? Most of us can only daydream wistfully about the shape our bodies were in at that age — young, strong, and undamaged by the passage of time. Unfortunately, we can’t stay that way forever. And while recapturing some aspects of your youth may be challenging or even impossible, there’s good […]

5 Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Cosmetic dentists like Dr. Kenneth Siegel use many different tools and techniques to beautify their patients’ smiles, but by far one of the most flexible options is porcelain veneers.

These custom-crafted restorations are permanently bonded onto the front surface of your teeth, and can do anything from whitening to completely reshaping your […]