Reconstructive Dentistry

Pennsylvania Fund Can Pay to Replace Teeth Lost in a Crime

Being the victim of a crime can have lasting consequences, especially if your teeth are damaged. Unlike most of our body, our teeth can’t really heal. The body has some limited mechanisms for repairing enamel, but it’s slow and can’t repair or replace teeth damaged by major trauma.

And your smile is something that you […]

Snacking Could Cause Cavities

Nobody likes hearing that they have a cavity, or going in to the dentist’s office for a filling. But if you’re careful about your oral health habits, you can avoid dental decay entirely. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and avoiding foods and drinks that are high in sugar can all help […]

Get Back the Smile of Your Youth!

Remember when you were eighteen? Most of us can only daydream wistfully about the shape our bodies were in at that age — young, strong, and undamaged by the passage of time. Unfortunately, we can’t stay that way forever. And while recapturing some aspects of your youth may be challenging or even impossible, there’s good […]

Bioengineering Advances Could Help You Regrow Lost Teeth

If you accidentally burn off your eyebrows in an unfortunate birthday cake incident, or lose a toenail in a beachside adventure gone wrong, you don’t have to worry much — you can regrow your eyebrows and your toenails, and soon you’ll be good as new. But lose a tooth, and the solution isn’t quite as […]

GERD Can Harm More Than Your Esophagus

GERD, or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, is a chronic digestive condition that affects more than 7 million people worldwide. While many people experience acid reflux or heartburn on occasion, weekly or daily symptoms could mean you suffer from GERD.

It’s well known that GERD can cause damage to your esophagus, but fewer people know that GERD […]