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If You Won the Lottery, Would You Get a Smile Makeover?

A few weeks ago, the news was dominated by a record-breaking Powerball jackpot: $758 million dollars, the second-largest jackpot in history, later won by a Massachusetts 53-year-old. As news of the massive jackpot circulated, people all over the United States went out to buy Powerball tickets.

And while only one person won the jackpot, plenty […]

Smile: Your Selfies Can Make You Happier

These days everyone takes selfies, although they’re mostly associated with Millennials. You’ve probably seen Millennials snapping cell phone self-portraits at coffee shops, on the street, with friends, at bars, and maybe even at the dentist! In fact, studies show that the average Millennial will take more than 25,000 photos of themselves during their lifetime! […]

September 28th, 2016|Smile Makeover|

Smiles Embody Olympic Spirit at Rio Games

Concerns about smiles have overshadowed the last two Olympic games. In Sochi, there were concerns that stoic Russians would be unable to give welcoming smiles to international visitors. And in London, concerns were raised about the oral health of the athletes and whether it might impact their ability to compete.

But in […]

August 10th, 2016|Smile Makeover|