Teeth Whitening

Shape Up Your Smile for the Summer

What do you want out of summer 2018? Do you have plans to travel to all the beaches you can? Maybe you’d like to hit the trails to camp, fish, or boat. Whether you’re planning to stay where you are or travel, you probably want to look good doing it. Summer is a time to […]

3 Vices Your Teeth Want You to Kick

We all have bad habits. For some people, it’s snoozing their alarm in the morning, or going out for dinner more than their budget allows. Usually, we know what our bad habits are — and that we should probably be doing something about them. But did you know that some of your bad habits are […]

Celebs Swear by New Whitening Product — But Does it Work?

If you follow any celebrities on Instagram, you may have seen some of them ranting and raving about a new whitening product. Even Kim Kardashian recently endorsed one of the many brands offering home whitening kits that feature a little blue light designed to activate the whitening product (or maybe just to make you look […]

White Dress, White Teeth: Get Your Best Wedding Day Smile

The checklist of things a bride needs to do to prepare for her wedding is impossibly long. And alongside organizing a massive event for dozens or hundreds of people in an often rented venue complete with catering, music, and bar service, many brides are also concerned about looking their best.

From the perfect dress, perfectly tailored […]

Do Power Swabs Work for Teeth Whitening?

There are many options for teeth whitening at home. In fact, it seems like there are more every day, and with all our tooth-staining caffeine, we might need them. But do they work?

Take Power Swabs, for instance, which isn’t exactly a new teeth whitening technique, but it’s initiated a new advertising […]