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How Visiting Your Dentist Saves Time

Many people in Philadelphia don't see the dentist because they see it as time lost, but the truth is that seeing your dentist regularly actually saves time. Here's how dental visits save you time at every stage by reducing or even eliminating the need for more dental care.

Before A Cavity Develops

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Will Tooth-Colored Fillings Stay Tooth-Colored?

Tooth-colored fillings are one of the exciting recent developments in cosmetic dentistry, allowing us to restore your teeth with attractive, functional fillings that have no toxic mercury in them. Unlike metal amalgam fillings, these fillings won't turn black, but will they stay tooth-colored? Thats a little more complicated question.

Two Types of Tooth-Colored Fillings


7 Jobs for a Dentist in the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies by iluvrhinestones on FlickrIt's actually a little surprising that we don't encounter dentists more often in zombie apocalypse movies like World War Z or TV shows like The Walking Dead. Dentists are pretty common–there are more than 8300 dentists in Pennsylvania, about one for every 1500 people. Not […]