Even though thousands of people are said to suffer from TMJ, the condition remains widely underdiagnosed. Americans who suffer from TMJ know all about the jaw pain, neck pain, facial pain and headaches associated with the condition. While you may not personally know of someone who has been diagnosed with the condition; you’ve more than likely heard of LeAnne Rimes – a famous country singer who recently underwent treatment for TMJ.

TMJ 101

TMJ often occurs when there is an imbalance or misalignment somewhere along the jaw joint. This is commonly caused by a bad bite though injury, constant teeth clenching, a strong blow to the head or even genetics.
One of the most common causes of TMJ is a “bad bite.” The bite can often be fixed in a non-invasive way; however, some people turn to surgery for help. .

Treating TMJ Through Surgery

In the case of LeAnne Rimes, her treatment for TMJ required surgery due to the intensity of her symptoms. Though surgery can be a successful means for treating TMJ, it most definitely is not the go-to method – as surgery is expensive, painful and highly invasive.
If you suffer from TMJ or the symptoms of TMJ, there is a non-invasive treatment that has proved to be highly effective. Dr. Siegel will work with you to determine the cause and best method for treating your TMJ. To get started, call or email our office today.