The CEREC system, which allows us to make dental crowns while you wait, is one of the most revolutionary developments in cosmetic dentistry. It’s a great technology that allows us to give you better results. Here are seven reasons why you should seek out a dentist who offers this technology.

Not Just Crowns

CEREC BenefitsDental crowns are one of thne of the most common restorations we make with the CEREC system, and the one it’s most strongly associated with, but CEREC can be used to make many different kinds of restorations, including tooth-colored fillings in the form of porcelain inlays and onlays, and porcelain veneers. It can be used to make a single veneer for restoring a chipped tooth, or for replacing a veneer that may have been lost to accident or trauma.

Ceramic Has the Luster of Natural Teeth

CEREC creates ceramic restorations, which have the same natural luster and transparency as natural tooth enamel, unlike other procedures that can be completed in a single visit, such as dental bonding or composite fillings.

Good Color Match

Some people worry that CEREC restorations won’t match tooth color as well as those made in the lab. But, with more than 10 tooth shades available in CEREC blocks, the color match is typically just as good as lab-based restorations.

Suitable for Dental Implants

You might think that CEREC crowns can only be put on your teeth. Not so. These crowns can be placed on dental implants using compatible abutments specifically designed for all the most popular dental implant manufacturers. This is especially handy if you’ve chipped or broken a crown on your dental implant–you don’t have to live with that broken crown for weeks while a replacement is ordered.

Good Performance

Studies consistently show that CEREC crowns are as good as lab-made crowns, or better. Survival rates in studies showed 97% survival at 4 years and 94% survival at 9 years. A 15-year study of CEREC fillings showed even better results. CEREC fillings had the lowest failure rate of the seven filling types considered, beating metal amalgam, gold inlays, composite fillings, glass ionomer fillings, and even lab-made ceramic inlays and onlays!

Digital Impressions

New impression materials are better than the old plaster impressions, but they’re still messy, can be uncomfortable, have a bad taste, and are often prone to errors if you can’t hold them  perfectly still until they set. Digital impressions allow us to just take a special picture of your teeth instead of using impression material.

Crowns While You Wait

And, of course, there’s the most exciting benefit of all: crowns while you wait. No need for a second appointment or temporary crowns with all their sensitivity and uncertainty. Get your new crown, veneer, inlay or onlay placed in a single visit.

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