<![CDATA[When you think about having a straighter smile one of the first things that probably comes to mind are traditional metal braces. While traditional braces have been used for decades and are still widely used today, for some patients, they simply are not ideal. Despite the fact that they have proven to be highly effective, in the case of an adult, traditional braces may not be the best option. Braces are commonly associated with having a face full of metal and often times we see braces being placed on young children and teenagers, and at that age having braces with colored rubber bands and other decorative touches is socially acceptable. However, as an adult, having blatantly obvious braces may not be the best route to take in order to achieve a straighter smile.
While some adults do have traditional braces placed on their teeth, for some professions, dealing with metal braces isn’t the best situation. Take for instance any profession that involves public speaking, briefings, or a large amount of face time with other employees and higher ups. Even in teenagers, braces are obvious and in the professional world, braces may take away from your professionalism. At the same time, especially during briefings and serious discussions, braces can become distracting. To put it simply, in the case of some careers, metal braces simply do not blend in properly.

Clear Braces Blend Within The Professional World

Adults, just like teenagers, want to have a straight smile to be proud of. Since dental technology continues to advance and grow, nowadays adults seeking a straighter smile can have clear braces placed on their teeth. These braces are totally translucent, so they blend into the smile. From far away the braces are hardly noticeable and even at close range they do not stick out like normal braces do.
Clear braces are ideal for adults who want to avoid sticking out in the crowd as well as for professionals working in certain professions where speaking and talking to others is a daily activity. If you are interested in clear braces, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Siegel’s office to learn more about braces at our Blue Bell dental office.]]>