In today’s high-paced, stressed-out world, you’ve probably found yourself wishing that you could just relax more than once today. (And, honestly, how many times have you wished that in just the past five minutes‽‽‽) Well, you’re not alone. In fact, South Koreans in Seoul decided to not just take the time to relax, but to hold a contest to see who could be the most relaxed person in an unusual “Relax Your Brain” contest.

Given the requirements of this contest, we think you could win it sitting in the chair at our office, but only with NuCalm.

Woman relaxing like she would with Nucalm

Put Aside Your Electronics

On the surface, it seems like an easy contest: don’t look at your smartphone, TV, computer, or watch for 90 minutes. Oh, and you can’t talk, eat, or fall asleep. And here’s the kicker — you have to regulate your heart rate so it stays steady the entire time.

The contest was started in 2014 by some local artists who wanted to call attention to the problem of stress in South Korean society.South Korea is one of the most connected countries in the world, with 80% of South Koreans having smartphones–the highest per-capita rate in the world. Even worse, statistics show that 15% of South Koreans exhibit symptoms of possible addiction to their devices, allowing texting, tweeting, gaming, and other electronic activities interfere with their normal lives.

Their contest has definitely struck a nerve in society. In just the last two years, the contest has grown immensely in popularity. This year, there were over 1500 applications to participate in the contest, although there were only 60 spots for competitors.

Despite the 90-degree weather and the fact that not all contestants dressed appropriately for the temperature (some businessmen wore their suits), most of the competitors made it through the 90 minutes.

However, the winner of the contest, because of his stable heartbeat, was local rapper Shin Hyo-Seob, AKA Crush. He says he was able to stay so still and chill for so long because he was worn out: “I was so exhausted physically and mentally while preparing an album . . . I just wanted to relax for a while.”

An Absolutely Relaxed Visit to the Dentist

For most of us, even those without dental anxiety, the thought of remaining totally relaxed while sitting in a dental chair seems impossible. Even if you’re not actually afraid of the dentist and you’re just here for a checkup, your personal space is being invaded, there’s a bright light, and there may be sharp implements involved. It’s understandable to be stressed in this situation!

But what if you could actually be completely relaxed during a dental visit, with a steady heartbeat that would make Crush jelly? With NuCalm, you can, because NuCalm uses neuroscience to bypass your body’s stress response, allowing you to be completely relaxed for your entire dental visit. NuCalm is actually able to regulate your autonomic nervous system, controlling your involuntary body systems, including your heart rate.

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