<![CDATA[This may be the epitome of looking for a silver lining in a bad situation, but if there's any positive side to having a root canal, this is it: a beautiful dental crown. Most of the time, when you need a root canal, it's because the tooth has been severely compromised. It may have been due to trauma, as in an injury that broke the tooth, but usually it has to do with decay.
Many times, the decay happens when an old filling starts to fail and decay seeps under the filling. You don't realize it because the filling protects this new, underground cavity from hot or cold temperatures, as well as pressure, but eventually, this cavity reaches the pulp and then the tooth needs a root canal.
The good news is that these old fillings, which are frequently amalgam or silver fillings, are unsightly and when you have a root canal done, you need a new dental crown. At our dental office, we provide beautiful cosmetic dentistry which includes ceramic dental crowns. These natural-looking crowns make your smile look young again. They are not just white. They have transparency to them that mimics real teeth and are able to match the color of your surrounding teeth so that it isn't obvious that you have a crown. That's what makes cosmetic dentistry great: natural-looking results!
So, not only will the pain of your compromised tooth be fixed, but your smile will look much improved. Combine that with our painless injections, and the fact that we can place a dental crown in a single visit, and your root canal might just be the highlight of your month!…okay, that might be pushing it a bit.
Want to avoid a root canal altogether? The best way to avoid the above seepage scenario is to come to our office for routine dental visits including x-rays. Our safe, digital x-ray technology enables us to see fillings that are failing before decay becomes severe. In these cases, we can simply replace your bad filling with a new one. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment!