If you’re considering whisky or other “home remedies” for your toothache, it’s time to go to the dentist! Nowadays you can truly find and do anything online and while in some cases this is a positive luxury, for other situations, such as diagnosing a dental problem, the existence of self-diagnosis websites can be tricky and downright dangerous. Of course, websites such as the Mayo Clinic and WebMD are never bad places to go in order to try to narrow down a certain health problem that you may have; however, in the end, most people know that they have to seek medical attention. But, with new websites popping up such as e-Toothache Remedies, not only are patients taking diagnosis into their own hands, they are also trying self-treatment as well.

In some cases, a toothache can be deadly if it is not treated properly. Many patients fail to realize that the oral health plays a large role in how healthy the rest of the body is. An unhealthy mouth can cause all sorts of problems such as increased cardiovascular disease risk, gum disease, and even early and low birth rates.

Though at face value e-Toothache Remedies seems to be a very helpful and almost caring website, explaining that it’s available especially for low-income patients who are experiencing a toothache, when you begin to peel away at the website’s layers, only then will visitors see the true, or double purpose of the website.

Websites With Ulterior Motives

At first glance, not many would have any negative feelings or thoughts towards e-Toothache Remedies because at some point in time we’ve all delved a little into the self-diagnosis process. But, the fact is that e-Toothache Remedies offers solutions for a potentially serious and life-threatening condition. And the worst part about it is that the website isn’t owned or run or even overseen by a dentist or some other type of dental professional. Instead it’s owned by a web developer. What does a web developer know about teeth?

In the end, e-Toothache Remedies may be nothing more than another website looking to make money off of Google Adsense ads and other click through fees. At the same time, websites offering self-diagnosing and at home remedies are often homes to a plethora of incorrect information.

If you have a toothache, at home remedies and self-diagnosis can mean needless, extended suffering and can be a danger to your health. Instead, contact our office by phone or online to schedule an appointment with Dr. Siegel, a trained and experienced dentist that can properly diagnose and treat your toothache. Remember, untreated or improperly toothaches can be deadly as they can be a sign of very serious dental problems.