older couple doing researchIf you lose your teeth, you might lose your lust for life and the confidence that comes with it. Or maybe you wear dentures in Blue Bell and worry about your life changing for the worse. What if we tell you that there’s a different way to do dentures that can make you look and feel decades younger? Let us introduce you to the Denture Fountain of Youth®, or state-of-the-art FOY Dentures®.

Trust FOY® Dentures in Blue Bell: For Better Fit, Function, and Feel

You’re probably wondering about the difference between traditional dentures and FOY® Dentures. What happens is this: Your specially-trained cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ken Siegel, fits your FOY® Dentures with an innovative and unique technique that restores your youthful proportions and appearance, similar to a facelift! This denture is custom-designed to provide even pressure across your gums and jawbone for a more comfortable fit that rests partially on your muscles. They are also carefully crafted and placed to build your bite at a position that ensures proper comfortable muscle function.

What’s the Big Difference Between Dentures?

When shopping for the best choice and solution for dentures in Blue Bell, you might just want to give up in frustration because there certainly are a lot of options available today. Let us tell you that while you may have a lot to choose from, not all dentures are created equal. The benefits of selecting FOY® Dentures over traditional dentures are so significant that they’re too good not to share.

Your completely custom FOY® Dentures can:

  • Slow bone loss due to uneven pressure
  • Reduce or eliminate denture pain
  • Promote healthy jaw position for good posture
  • Facilitate better speech, chewing, and smiling
  • Reduce signs of aging like jowls and turkey neck
  • Prevent the sunken appearance of traditional dentures

These life-changing dentures are backed by the latest technology and feature some of the industry’s most premium, high-quality replacement teeth available anywhere. In fact, Dr. Siegel is the only Philadelphia cosmetic dentist who provides FOY® Dentures.

Get a Facelift Without Getting a Facelift

Take a second to consider this: Traditional dentures are generally created to give you a basic smile that, hopefully, people won’t notice or pay close attention to. Traditional dentures and the dentists who make them for you don’t take into consideration the proportions of your face. That’s not the case with your FOY® Dentures. Dr. Siegel restores your more youthful proportions, working to bring harmony to your facial features through working with your teeth, bones, and soft tissues, which are all developed together. You’ll look younger but without that “operated on” look that can result from plastic surgery or facelifts.

To find out how this exclusive technology can give you dentures that fit better, function better, and help you look younger, please call (610) 600-9972 today for an appointment at Dental Excellence of Blue Bell.