It is easy to fall into the trap of cheaply made dentures. Not only do they fit poorly, but they can also slip out embarrassingly and their poor fit can lead to excessive pressure on your jawbone that leads to accelerated bone loss. But while they are not ideal, at least there are some standards that even cheaply made dentures must follow in order to be sold in the United States. One of these standards is that they cannot be made with scrap steel, but need to be made with alloys that are nontoxic and meet high standards of corrosion resistance.

The same cannot be said for dentures made by some Chinese manufacturers, whose quality standards absolutely make my skin crawl.

The Horrifying Dentures of Cidu Zhongcheng

An undercover journalist from China Central Television’s investigative documentary went undercover at Cidu Zhongcheng Medical Supply Company which makes dentures at their plant in Beijing. The company has been using scrap steel, which can be highly toxic, to make dentures.

Interestingly, they had been getting the metal in boxes marked “Vera PDS” which is a metal alloy product used to make dentures and sold by Aala Dent. This company is based out of California and manufactures nickel-chromium alloy for use in dental products. The packaging was obviously never intended for the Chinese market, though, since it has no marking in Chinese on it.

Not only is the metal suspect, but the dentures are cleaned in a repulsive way. One employee was seen cleaning the dentures with a toothbrush. When asked, the employee replied, “I bring in my own toothbrushes from home, the ones that I no longer use.” This drastically increases the risk of infection for anyone who uses these dentures, not to mention how truly gross it is in principle.

As if that is not enough, another Chinese denture company, Beijing Beikou Dental Lab, was also exposed in the documentary for using similar practices.

Be Picky about Your Dentures

It’s okay to be picky now and then, especially when it comes to your dentures. The dental needs for seniors are changing, and FOY Dentures ®  are here to address those needs. Not only are they created with neuromuscular dentistry in mind, they come in full and partial dentures, and can even be further secured with mini dental implants. FOY Dentures® also won’t slip like cheaply made counterparts, so you can eat a wider range of foods.

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