Dr. Oz fielded an audience member’s question (see video below) about the difference between sleep apnea. He had suggestions that, for the most part, are good ideas. He mentioned how sleep apnea can lead to high blood pressure as well as other medical issues. Losing weight was one of the first things that he mentioned that should be done. Losing weight, for some, will help them with their sleep apnea. There is, however, an entire population of people with sleep apnea who are thin and in great shape. Just because you are thin, does not mean that you can not have sleep apnea. You do not need to be over weight. The first thing that should be done is to have a sleep test done to determine your level of apnea. At that point it can be decided if you need to wear a CPAP or if an oral appliance will work for your degree of apnea. Weight loss, although a good idea for some, takes a great deal of time and might not even be the answer to helping your apnea.