Dr. Oz explaining whiteningI am sure that many of you are familiar with Dr. Oz.  He has been made famous by Oprah and now has his own T.V. show.  He had a show on recently, December 2nd, where he discussed his own natural formula for home teeth whitening.  Now keep in mind that Dr. Oz is a physician.  He is a heart specialist, not a dentist.  For some reason he has decided to become the latest authority on home whitening.  Now there have been home whitening products available in your dental office for the past twenty years or so.  For some reason Dr. Oz has decided that the wonderful products that we offer for reasonable fees to our patients can be substituted for all natural formulas that are free.  The unfortunate thing here is that the formulas for home whitening that we have been using for our patients have been tried and true for years.  They have been improved upon multiple times and have been shown to be safe, as well as extremely effective.  Perhaps it is the economy that prompted his new home remedy.  I don’t know why; however, I do know that what he has promoted is not safe and effective for your teeth.

In his video, part 1 of which can be seen at contact our office and we will be happy to discuss whitening options with you.