In an economy like today’s, people have had to make budget cuts in all sorts of areas in their lives. Some have opted to spend less on dining out, some have decided to drive less to save gas money, and unfortunately, others have decided to make less frequent trips to the dentist. As we all know, health care isn’t the cheapest thing in the world, especially for those without insurance. However, taking care of one’s body involves not only a healthy body, but a healthy mouth. Having poor oral health can lead to all sorts of health problems including stroke, heart disease, hypertension, and a plethora of other conditions.

In fact, studies have shown that Americans have been neglecting their oral health for years now, especially at the start of today’s spiraling economy. Sadly, it’s not just adults choosing to stretch out appointments. They aren’t taking their kids to the dentist either.

Studies have shown that more than 16 million children living in the U.S. lack basic yearly dental care and 25% of children between 2-5 have tooth decay; 50% of those between the age of 12-15 suffer from the same condition.

While not going to routine dental check-ups may save money in the short-term, statistics have proven that in the future, costs are generally much higher. Dentists have found that patients who come to their office with a cavity are now requiring a full root canal instead of a simple filling that would have fixed the problem if it was taken care of earlier on. The cost of a root canal and the cost of a tooth filling isn’t comparable and in the end, patients are spending much more because they opt to wait to seek proper dental help.

Scheduling routine check-ups with your dentist is much more cost effective in the long run, and can help to avoid the need for more invasive dental procedures. If you’re looking for a dentist in the Philadelphia area who you can depend on, Dr. Siegel is a great choice. He will work with you to ensure that your dental health remains at optimal levels. Contact our Blue Bell dental office today!