Gone are the days when orthodontic treatments were only for children and teens. Today, it’s more common than ever for adults to also seek out orthodontics. Usually, adults need orthodontics because they didn’t get them when they were younger or they stopped wearing their retainer and their teeth moved back. Regardless, adult orthodontics in Blue Bell can help you feel confident in your smile and improve your oral health.

Before visiting us for a consultation, you might have a few questions about adult orthodontics that need to be answered. Browse through our FAQs about adult orthodontics and then let us know if you have any additional questions during your consultation.

woman with traditional metal braces shows off her big smile

Do Adults Really Get Braces?

Yes! According to a study conducted in 2016, nearly 16% of orthodontic cases were for adults. Considering this study is old and there isn’t any new data available, we’re guessing the number is much higher now. Orthodontic treatment is a great option for all adults who need it.

Is There An Age Limit For Adult Orthodontics?

No. Any adult of any age can get orthodontic treatment. There is no age limit. However, all adults still need to qualify as good candidates for orthodontics. For instance, you must have good oral health such as no signs of gum disease or any cavities. We will complete a full examination to determine whether adult orthodontics are the best option for you.

What Types of Adult Orthodontics Do You Offer?

At Dental Excellence of Blue Bell, we offer two different orthodontic options: Invisalign®, and Six Month Smiles®.

Invisalign® is the best option for adults who want to improve their bite in addition to their smile aesthetics. Invisalign® not only straightens teeth, but it can fix bite problems such as overbites, underbites, crossbites, and more. The treatment consists of wearing clear plastic aligners for two weeks at a time before moving onto the next set. Each set of aligners gradually moves teeth into their new position. It only takes six months to two years to complete treatment. Invisalign® also offers a few amazing benefits like an undetectable treatment. The clear plastic aligners are nearly invisible. They’re also removable so you can eat everything you love during treatment.

Six Month Smiles® is the other option we offer and is perfect for adults who have minor problems but really just want to perfect the appearance of their smile. Six Month Smiles® only moves the teeth in the front of your mouth. This is how the treatment can help you reach your smile goals in as little as six months. Please note that this treatment cannot address bite problems. It’s only recommended for minor orthodontic problems.

Not sure which one is right for you? Book a consultation for adult orthodontics in Blue Bell by calling (610) 272-0828.

Do Orthodontics Work The Same For Adults as Children?

Yes! The main difference between orthodontic treatment for children and adults is how easily teeth move. When children and teens receive orthodontic treatment, their jaw bone is in the development stage which means teeth can more easily move. When adults receive orthodontics, it takes a little more effort to move the teeth. Both children and adults can achieve the same results from orthodontic treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Adult Braces?

It depends on your specific dental insurance. Some insurance plans will cover a portion of braces because they can benefit your oral health. Talk to your insurance provider to learn more.

How Do I Know If I Need Orthodontics?

If you experience any of the following problems, you can benefit from adult braces.

  • Gapped teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite

If you experience any of the problems listed above, we encourage you to book an appointment with Dr. Siegel at Dental Excellence of Blue Bell to explore your orthodontic options.

Will Treatment Hurt?

No. Your mouth might feel sore between appointments or after switching to a new set of aligners, but it is in no way painful. If you feel any discomfort, you can alleviate it by taking over-the-counter pain medications.

Do I Need to Avoid Any Food?

With Invisalign® or Clear Braces, you can eat whatever you want! With Six Month Smiles®, you will have clear brackets glued to your teeth and a white wire. This means you will need to avoid damaging the brackets or wire by avoiding hard foods like nuts, kettle chips, pizza crust, hard pretzels, chewy candy, corn on the cob, and popcorn. When you do eat, make sure you cut things into small pieces for easier chewing.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Invisalign® can take anywhere from six months to two years or longer. It depends on your specific problems. Six Month Smiles® generally take about six months or longer to achieve desired results. Dr. Siegel will tell you how long your treatment will take during your consultation.

Get Adult Orthodontics in Blue Bell, PA

If you’re ready to stop hiding your smile and show off a smile that you love, book a consultation to learn more about adult orthodontics in Blue Bell, PA. Please call (610) 272-0828 to discuss Invisalign® and Six Month Smiles® with Dr. Siegel. Your new smile is just around the corner!