Over time, our bodies become weathered with use, and our teeth are no different. Accidents can result in chips, cracks, or even lost teeth, and bad habits like biting fingernails or smoking can do permanent damage to the shape, strength, and color of our teeth. Years of drinking wine and coffee can take away that white gleam, and even old dental work, like metal fillings, can contribute to a smile that doesn’t look like you remember it when you glance in the mirror. Whether your teeth are missing in action or just looking a little worse for wear, your smile doesn’t have to be permanently damaged thanks to reconstructive dentistry. An experienced dentist can help you choose the right procedures to get your teeth looking the way they used to — or maybe better!

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Reconstruct Your Best Smile

No smile is too far-gone to be restored, although different techniques will be used depending on the state of your teeth. For instance, if your teeth have been worn down, chipped, or broken, porcelain veneers may be a good option. These paper-thin, incredibly strong ceramic coatings can reshape and recolor your teeth while providing a durable new front for your teeth. If your teeth need a little more work than veneers can manage, our CEREC ceramic crown technology can have you in and out of the dentist’s office with a brand new crown in an hour. These durable, natural-looking restorations are the perfect fix for teeth that have been heavily damaged by decay, or can even be used to replace a functional but unattractive-looking metal filling. If you’re missing one or more teeth, dental implants are a reliable and long-lasting option. These replacement teeth function just like your real teeth, complete with a root that is implanted into your jaw so that you’ll feel just like you have your original tooth back. Or, if your jawbone is too weak to support an implant, a dental bridge may be a better choice. Missing more than a few teeth? Don’t worry, dentures have come a long way. Now, dentures are comfortable, affordable, and beautiful. No longer do denture-wearers need to worry about dentures slipping out of place or looking false in their mouths. These days, dentures can give an attractive and completely natural-looking smile for a price that won’t break the bank. If your smile isn’t what it used to be, don’t worry — reconstructive dentistry can bring back the healthy, beautiful, strong teeth you used to have. Whether you need a little touch-up work or a full mouth makeover, Dr. Kenneth Siegel is up for the task. Call (610) 272-0828 or contact us online to make an appointment and learn more.