Young man in a robe yawning as his jaw pops. Is this TMJ?TMJ sufferers have to deal with a wide variety of symptoms. From headaches to jaw pain to ringing in the ears, these symptoms range from disruptive to debilitating. We understand that you are eager to get rid of these symptoms, and we will do everything in our power to relieve them as quickly as possible.

In fact, we can immediately reduce some of your symptoms, but full relief takes time because your body has to adjust to the new configuration of your jaw the way it adjusted to the old one.

Immediate Relief of Some Symptoms

When you visit our office for a TMJ evaluation, one of the diagnostic steps is a TENS treatment. Trancutaneous electric nerve stimulation is like an electric massage that relaxes your muscles. We need to do this to figure out where your jaw’s optimal position is, as opposed to the position your tensed muscles hold it in.

The good news is that TENS also relieves many of the symptoms caused by muscle tension. This may include jaw pain, face pain, and headaches. So you can see some immediate relief, which may be short-lived, or it may be the only treatment you need.

Bite Splint Transitions to Full-Time Relief

Many people, though, experience only temporary relief with TENS treatment and need a bite splint to hold their jaw in an optimal position to get longer-term relief. In order to get full relief from a bite splint, your body must adjust to the optimal bite position, the same way it adapted to the poor one you had before, which takes time. How much time?

You may immediately notice some relief in the immediate area of your jaw. Muscle soreness and closely related symptoms will show immediate improvement. Within six weeks, improvement will spread to symptoms such as facial pain, headaches, neck aches, and other symptoms in the face, head, and neck. By three months, you should reach optimal improvement in this region. By six months, optimal improvement will be experienced in even far-reaching areas.

These are just general estimates, and our patients tend to have a wide variety of responses. Some recover more quickly, while others take longer.

For Fastest Results, Start Treatment Today

Of course, you can’t experience any relief until you start treatment.

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