Dental Excellence of Blue Bell and cosmetic dentist Dr. Ken Siegel offers you an amazing chance to replace missing or damaged teeth while also helping you to look years younger. How do we do it? By offering state-of-the-art FOY® Dentures where you can achieve facelift results at your dentist. You can easily replace your entire mouth of teeth with beautiful, comfortable dentures. 

Some of the Added Benefits of FOY® Dentures 

Because FOY® Dentures are secured to your jawline using durable dental implants, you’ll be able to speak and eat more comfortably than ever before. The retention allows you to apply more force, just like you would with your natural teeth. Also, as an added bonus that all patients seem to enjoy, FOY® Dentures will help to reenergize your appearance.

Who Can Benefit from These Kinds of Dentures?

When you come to see your cosmetic dentist in Blue Bell, you’ll be asked to sit for a simple consultation. This is where we can best determine if you’re a good candidate for FOY® Dentures. We generally find that the patients who enjoy the most success are missing all or most of their permanent teeth. Other patients with a more traditional style of denture can also benefit from an upgrade to this style of implant-retained denture. Once your FOY® dentures are in place, we can use our innovative scanning technology to determine your bite force to tell us the difference between what you had and what you have now. We also want to ensure that you’re completely satisfied and comfortable with your dentures. 

How Do You Get FOY® Dentures in Blue Bell?

Have you become more interested in learning about the Fountain of Youth Denture or FOY® Dentures as they are also known as? They truly are remarkable and have changed the lives and smiles of so many of our patients. If you think this treatment is something you care to learn more about, then it’s time you scheduled a hassle-free consultation with your Blue Bell dentist so the conversation can begin. If you’ve been interested in helping yourself feel and look years younger, all while replacing your missing teeth, then this could be your time to shine. We want to help you get to where you want to be with your oral health, especially if that means looking a little bit younger in the process. Call our office today, and we can get you scheduled for an appointment to speak with Dr. Siegel about all of your tooth replacement needs and options.