<![CDATA[X-rays are a must in the dental world, where minor and complex procedures require clear visual guidance. For some patients, the x-ray process creates fear that excessive levels of radiation could lead to health problems at some point in the future. In reality, modern digital x-ray technology exposes patients to minimal levels of radiation; however, to further decrease exposure, Dr. Siegel utilizes top-of-the-line dental equipment.
With the recent introduction of Idixray’s Tru-Align, patients are exposed to 60 to 70 percent less radiation when compared to the most commonly-used x-ray technology. At the same time, this new technology provides faster results and requires less training-time on the dentist’s part.
Dr. Siegel is committed to ensuring that his patients feel safe, comfortable and worry-free. Though modern digital x-ray is already safe, the implementation of Idixray x-ray technology further reduces radiation exposure; so patients can feel confident knowing that they can get the dental care they need in a safe, comfortable environment. To learn more about the technology that Dr. Siegel uses, be sure to email or call our office today.]]>