Social media is changing the way people look at themselves and the world around them. And perhaps no platform is making as much of a change as Instagram. It’s the third most popular social media platform, but in many ways it has the most impact on its users, according to some studies. The constant exposure to so many images on a daily basis leads people to think about themselves and their appearance.

And among all the things that Instagram makes people think about, their smile is perhaps the most prominent. We’ve talked before about how some celebs have used Instagram to promote their favorite teeth whitening product (though we offer something better). Looking at some of the top hashtags on Instagram reveals why people are so eager to improve the appearance of their smile.
Instagram Gives Smiles More Exposure

Smiles Abound

The top hashtag on Instagram is #love, and, really, who doesn’t love love? It’s neither a surprise nor anything to be discouraged, because people love to share the things they love.

After love, though, many of the popular hashtags focus on a person’s own appearance. Tags like #me and #selfie are really popular. The social media platform is really a place to see and be seen.

But what is it that people want to see and be seen? Do they want people to know about their habits at the #gym? It’s popular but not the top choice. What about #hair? Not quite. It falls just behind #makeup. No, it’s their smile, with nearly 300 million posts. A smile is more popular than #cat, #dog, and even #food.

With the combination of the massive popularity of #selfie and #smile, there’s a lot of pressure to try to get the most beautiful smile you can achieve for Instagram.

Veneers Are a Little Secret

While it’s true that nothing on Instagram is truly a secret, it’s also true that compared to many things on Instagram, veneers are less well known. Between #veneer, #veneers, and #dentalveneers, we’re looking at less than 750,000 posts. For Instagram, that’s the province of the select few.

And, of course, there are also probably many people who have gotten veneers but haven’t shared them the way that people post about their #hair or their #makeup. That’s because many people, especially men, still feel a stigma about getting cosmetic procedures like veneers.

But part of the beauty of veneers is that you can keep them secret. They look so natural that you don’t have to tell anyone about them and few people will even guess that you have them.

Have a Better #Smile for Your #Selfie

If you are unhappy about the appearance of your smile, it can keep you from doing many things that you would love to do. Instagram is only one of them. Having a smile that you’re happy to share can give you more confidence. Confidence to pursue and land a job. Confidence to ask someone out or take that offer of a date. Confidence to just be you and not be hidden behind a smile that makes you unhappy.

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