Though clear braces have become extremely popular due to their ease of use and aesthetic value, sometimes our Six Month Smiles braces are a better option.

One thing to consider about clear braces is that the treatment time is typically longer than with our short-term, Six Month Smiles braces. This is because the brackets and wires used in the Six Month Smiles treatment offer more precise movements and are more effective at repositioning teeth in a shorter period of time, all while still being very inconspicuous. The brackets are clear and the wires are white.

Both clear braces and Six Month Smiles braces are very effective in repositioning anterior teeth (teeth in the front of your mouth) to give you a fantastic-looking smile. Patients with more extensive orthodontic issues will unfortunately have to stick with conventional braces. If you have TMJ and need to have your bite significantly altered, neither invisible braces nor Six Month Smiles are appropriate. In these cases, Dr. Siegel will work with you to find the best method to help treat your TMJ.

Another problem with invisible braces is that because the aligners are removable, there are many patients who neglect to follow the set amount of time that the aligners need to be worn. In these cases, success rates go down and patients can be unhappy with the final outcome. The treatment is entirely dependent on the patient’s adherence to the treatment guidelines. With Six Month Smiles braces, the braces are fixed to the teeth, so treatment compliance is really not an issue as long as patients keep their teeth clean.

Budget used to be an issue with invisible braces, but prices have come down significantly. At our office, we offer Clear Braces, which are comparable in price to our Six Month Smiles clear braces. So, financially, there is really no difference between invisible braces and clear Six Month Smiles braces.

To find out if invisible braces are suitable for you, contact us today.