As Martin Luther once said, ‘How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’,” and if you’re like most people, you’ve surely been a procrastinator at some point in your life. Admit it or not, there is always something that we simply don’t want to do; so we push it aside and make plans to do it at a later time. Though procrastination rarely has lasting negative effects that plague us forever, procrastinating on the wrong thing can cause problems. Take, for example, procrastinating on your dental and oral health. Commonly, either due to a busy schedule or outright fear, people avoid going to the dentist.

What many people don’t know is that procrastinating on having a dental problem fixed can cause even more problems due to neglect. For example, jaw bone loss is something that can be avoided. In fact, it is commonly caused by gum disease, improper tooth extraction, or teeth grinding – three problems that can be easily fixed with a visit to the dentist’s office. In fact, each of these issues requires simple treatment that cures the problem and protects your teeth.

Though bone loss isn’t a widespread problem seen in many patients, it is a serious condition that any patient can suffer from when he or she procrastinates and neglects oral health. Jaw bone loss makes daily life uncomfortable. Could you imagine eating, chewing, smiling, or talking and having to deal with pain and discomfort while doing so? Jaw bone loss is definitely not a problem to take lightly or to procrastinate on fixing.

The best way to treat jaw bone loss is to prevent it through proper oral and dental care. Preventing jaw bone loss also comes with the helping hand of a dentist that is straight-forward and direct in diagnosis as well as treatment. Some dentists may sugarcoat the fact that a patient is suffering from such a serious problem simply because it can be scary for many patients; however, in this case, sugarcoating and procrastination only worsen the problem.

Take charge of your oral and dental health by visiting the dentist routinely as well as by taking proper care of your teeth at home. Whenever a problem comes about, don’t procrastinate on getting it fixed! Instead, plan a trip to a trusted and experienced dentist such as Dr. Siegel. Call us or contact us here to schedule an appointment.