LLLT Researchers out of the Craniomandibular Pain Center at Tufts University looked at numerous clinical studies that tried low level laser therapy (LLLT) on subjects who were suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder. According to their research, each study used varied approaches in regards to methodology, laser beam application, laser beam duration, beam features (wavelength, frequency, output, dosage), and the amount of applications performed. Ultimately, however, none of this seemed to make much difference, since the researchers found no definitive evidence that LLLT offered any sort of actual TMD relief.

A Proven TMD Treatment

Each day, it seems researchers conduct some new study testing an odd strategy for treating TMJ disorder. Usually, these strategies prove unsuccessful, with most providing only slight or no TMD relief. In reality, these experiments are unnecessary, because an effective treatment for TMJ disorder already exists. Most of the time, people can blame their temporomandibular joint disorder on a misaligned bite. When this problem is fixed, patients usually enjoy total relief from TMD symptoms. If TMJ disorder is detracting from the quality of your life; it’s time to call for help. Dr. Siegel can provide lasting relief by repairing your bad bite; so you can enjoy a symptom-free life, like most of the other people you know. To learn more, contact his office today