<![CDATA[Naturally the upper teeth should fit slightly over the lower teeth and the points of the molar teeth should fit within the tops of the opposite molar teeth. This alignment not only provides for a nice smile but also ensures that the lips, cheeks, and tongue are all protected. However, for many different reasons, not everyone has a perfect bite and most commonly our upper teeth overlap the bottom row of teeth more than they should.
Malocclusion is a common problem in today’s world; from adults to growing children and even 3,000lb hippos, the problem of misaligned teeth definitely isn’t something new. Many people who suffer from malocclusion have the condition due to genetics but it can also be caused by abnormally shaped teeth, extra teeth causing overcrowding, thumb sucking, overuse of a pacifier, improperly-fitted crowns, braces, or teeth fillings, and any other condition within the mouth that may impact the size, shape, and position of the jaw.

Fixing A Bad Bite

The method used for fixing malocclusion will differ from patient to patient. Some patients will have severe malocclusion while others will have a misalignment that is there but hardly noticeable and not needing of treatment. In many cases the treatment for malocclusion is to correctly position the teeth. This is often done through the use of braces. Teeth that are irregularly shaped can also be reshaped in order to provide for a more normalized shape.
Though malocclusion doesn’t require an immediate trip to the dentist, it is always a condition to be aware of. If your malocclusion is severe enough, cleaning the teeth can become harder and the tension and jaw created from an unbalanced bite can weaken a tooth that could lead to tooth breakage or tooth loss.
Rarely does anyone have a perfectly aligned smile. However, if you want to get treatment for your malocclusion, Dr. Siegel can help you. With the right treatment you’ll feel much more confident in your smile. Contact us today to get started.]]>