study out of Italy suggests that people may be able to better manage their discomfort by altering the way they look at pain, itself. To reach their findings, researchers recruited 45 healthy women and men and split them into so-called “negative” and “positive” groups. All participants were subjected to experimentally induced ischemic pain; however, subjects in the positive group were told that ischemic pain provides benefits to muscle tissue. In the end, participants in the positive group were able to tolerate the pain much longer than subjects in the negative group. According to researchers, this indicates that patients may be able to better tolerate pain by manipulating the way they perceive it.

Not Practical

Unfortunately, people who suffer from TMJ pain know there is no benefit that comes from their suffering. Instead of attempting to trick themselves into believing they can endure their pain; sufferers need real TMJ pain relief that works by addressing the root cause: a misaligned bite. A bite splint can do just that by repositioning the jaw. That said, if you suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder, you won’t get the help you need until you reach out for help. If your smile also has aesthetic problems, certain cosmetic procedures can also help correct TMJ disorder. To learn how a simple bite splint can cure TMJ pain, contact our Bell Bell dental office at (610) 272-0828 today