NuCalm is an incredible tool for relaxation dentistry, but it’s also finding many applications outside the world of dentistry. One of the most impressive applications is in helping stage IV cancer patients deal with some of the side effects of their chemotherapy.

This trial program has achieved impressive results, paving the way for even more widespread use of the technology to help people facing a wide range of stressful situations.

Sympathetic Nervous System Problems in Cancer Patients

Cancer patients are in a tight spot, and their body is being asked to do a lot, including fighting disease and dealing with the toxic mix of substances that are being introduced to fight cancer (chemotherapy). This can lead to both psychological and physiological stress that can have many damaging consequences, such as nausea, poor sleep, and what patients describe as “chemo brain” or a “chemo fog”–problems with thinking or memory related to chemotherapy.

But perhaps the most serious effect of this chronic stress is immunosuppression. Chronic stress can deplete our immune system, making us vulnerable to illness. For cancer patients, this is very dangerous, because they need their immune system to be fighting alongside the chemotherapy to combat cancer, and they can’t afford to develop other illnesses that can sap the body.

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How NuCalm Helps

When cancer patients were given the opportunity to try NuCalm as part of the Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program (CCWP), the results were remarkable. Within five minutes, cancer patients were able to achieve a deep restful state, similar to deep meditation. Although some of the cancer patients fell asleep during their initial NuCalm trial, this was only because their bodies were so exhausted. They slept for 4 minutes or less, then awoke back into the deeply meditative state.

Measurements showed that not only were people relaxed, but their autonomic nervous system, which controls the stress response, showed a 92% decrease in activity after 25 minutes of NuCalm.
Dr. Janet Hranicky of the CCWP said of NuCalm, “We can now bring patients into periods of deep, restorative rest. This deep relaxation, coupled with newfound emotional safety, interrupts the patient’s negative stress response, making way for a new, healthier response. It allows for recuperation and a reboot of the system that can provide resiliency and regeneration.”

The healing potential of NuCalm makes it an important addition to the CCWP, and as its use spreads it can potentially help many cancer patients who are struggling with the depletion of their body’s resources as part of their battle with cancer.

How Can NuCalm Help You?

Objectively, a routine visit to the dentist is a lot less stressful than fighting stage IV cancer. But we know that subjectively the stress can be equivalent over the short term for some people with dental anxiety. But with NuCalm, we can help you overcome some of this stress so that you can have a more relaxed visit to the dentist. This visit won’t just be a relaxing visit, it can be a restorative visit. As your stress response goes down, your healing response will go up. You may enjoy less discomfort and a shorter healing time as a result of treatment with NuCalm. You will certainly enjoy less tension and soreness as a result of sitting tensed in the dental chair.

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