Just 20 Minutes a DayOn a recent tour, Robbins noted that he only had 30 minutes of free time during one day’s media cycle. With just a half-hour of free time, how did he choose to spend it? Well, we can’t account for 10 of those minutes, but for 20 of them he used NuCalm. It allowed him to quickly enter a deep, meditative state that is deeply rejuvenating.

Robbins’ Other Energy Strategies

Of course, NuCalm isn’t the only thing that Robbins uses to maintain his energy. He also relies on exercise, an ageless attitude, blood tests, and an intense morning ritual. Robbins’ exercise routine comes from the book of Stu Mittleman, who argues that a “slow burn” approach to exercise and diet allows people to better achieve their health and energy goals, including losing weight and maintaining constant energy. Robbins also doesn’t let his age phase him. He’s 55, but he’s inspired by an 85-year-old marathoner who has said her age has never been an impediment to her running. Robbins doesn’t consume caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, or any kind of recreational drug. What he does consume is mostly green vegetables and fish, but he tweaks his diet based on the results of regular blood tests. Finally, Robbins prepares himself for a high-energy day with an important morning ritual. He does a three-minute deep-breathing exercise, three minutes of gratitude, and three minutes of wishing good things for other people. When he’s home, he also immerses himself either in a cold-plunge pool or his full-body cryotherapy tank.

Your Dentist Appointment Could Be Refreshing

What NuCalm Feels LikeAlthough many people dread the dentist, there’s no reason why your dental appointment has to be a drag. Instead, it could be a refreshing, energizing experience. With NuCalm, you can meditate through your appointment and, rather than worry, experience a rejuvenating break from your everyday. To learn more about the benefits of NuCalm in Philadelphia, please call (610) 272-0828 for an appointment with our dentist at Dental Excellence of Blue Bell.