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Is Tooth Loss Linked to Heart Disease?

No one likes having missing teeth. Whether you’ve lost a tooth from decay, disease, or trauma, that gap in your smile presents more than just an aesthetic problem: It can compromise the health of nearby teeth, make oral hygiene more difficult, and even impact your speech and diet. But that’s not all […]

Stop Making These 4 Teeth-Damaging Mistakes

Do you love your teeth? Do you want to keep them? Even if the answer is yes, you’re probably doing some things day-to-day that hurt your chances of keeping all your teeth intact throughout your life. And since teeth don’t grow back once they’re damaged or gone, the question of whether or not you want […]

Snacking Could Cause Cavities

Nobody likes hearing that they have a cavity, or going in to the dentist’s office for a filling. But if you’re careful about your oral health habits, you can avoid dental decay entirely. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and avoiding foods and drinks that are high in sugar can all help […]

Can Salt Make Your Teeth Stronger?

It seems like every day there’s a new trendy toothpaste that’s supposed to whiten or strengthen your teeth. From charcoal to clay to baking soda, alternative toothpastes are a hot topic (and, if you pick the wrong one, they can actually damage your teeth.)

If you’ve heard about salt toothpastes, you may be […]

The Tooth Fairy Shelled Out in 2017

Since 1998, the Original Tooth Fairy Poll has been keeping tabs on the Tooth Fairy’s payouts to kids losing their baby teeth all across the United States. If you’ve ever been curious about the national average payout, how those payouts change year over year, and the comparison to global tooth rates, this poll is […]