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Celebs Swear by New Whitening Product — But Does it Work?

If you follow any celebrities on Instagram, you may have seen some of them ranting and raving about a new whitening product. Even Kim Kardashian recently endorsed one of the many brands offering home whitening kits that feature a little blue light designed to activate the whitening product (or maybe just to make you look […]

What is Relaxation Dentistry, and Who Can it Help?

Nobody particularly enjoys dentist appointments. Instead, people enjoy having healthy, clean, attractive teeth, and dentists are necessary for that. Often, dentist appointments are seen as a sort of necessary inconvenience, like getting an oil change or having the gutters cleaned.

But for some people, dentist appointments aren’t just inconvenient: They’re downright terrifying.

What is <a href=[…]

Make Sure Halloween Candy Doesn’t Put Teeth at Risk

We can pretend that Halloween candy is just for kids, but let’s be honest — who can resist the appeal of those orange-and-black displays stuffed with huge bags of your favorite candies in miniature? They show up in bowls and plastic pumpkins on your coworkers’ desks, and if you live in a neighborhood where trick-or-treaters […]

Middle-Aged Americans Embarrassed By Their Teeth

Are you embarrassed by the condition of your teeth? If you’re between the ages of 50 and 64, chances are high that the answer is yes. And if it is, don’t worry — it’s not too late to have a smile you can be proud of.

According to the University of Michigan National Poll on […]

Should You See the Dentist… Even If You Don’t Have Teeth?

Everyone knows that you visit the dentist to ensure that your teeth are healthy, and get treatment if they’re not. But does that mean that if you have full dentures, you don’t need to visit the dentist anymore?

Actually, dentists do a lot more than just look out for your teeth. Here are some reasons it’s […]

Could Squid Ink Help Diagnose Gum Disease?

Squid ink isn’t just an escape mechanism for ocean-dwellers — it’s also a trendy pasta flavoring and potentially even a cure for cancer. But this weird combination of mucus and melanin isn’t stopping there. Lately, researchers have been studying its uses in the dental field.

Could Squid Ink Help Diagnose Gum Disease?[…]

If You Won the Lottery, Would You Get a Smile Makeover?

A few weeks ago, the news was dominated by a record-breaking Powerball jackpot: $758 million dollars, the second-largest jackpot in history, later won by a Massachusetts 53-year-old. As news of the massive jackpot circulated, people all over the United States went out to buy Powerball tickets.

And while only one person won the jackpot, plenty […]

Green Tea Extract Could Treat Tooth Sensitivity

When you take a sip of something very hot or very cold, or take a gulp of a very acidic drink, do you feel a sharp pain, or just a weird sensation? You may have tooth sensitivity, also known as dentin hypersensitivity. It’s a common condition, affecting around 40 million people in the US […]

New Study Confirms Benefits of Sugar-Free Gum

In 2016, a study in the British Dental Journal found that sugar-free gum could save the United Kingdom millions of pounds in dental costs per year, if only twelve-year-olds would chew more of it.

If that sounds incredible, wait until you hear the numbers from the latest study in the American Journal of Dentistry. […]