<![CDATA[It’s common that going to the dentist causes a lot of anxiety and fear in some patients, especially those who are undergoing a procedure that requires injections for pain control and numbing. Many patients are afraid of the pain that the injections can cause and in some cases, this fear can cause some patients to completely neglect going to the dentist. However, here at Dr. Siegel’s office, we now use Onset by Onpharma, a product that makes painless injections a possibility.

How Do Painless Injections Work?

With the use of the Onset system, painless injections can be provided by Dr. Siegel and the injections take effect immediately. The system was crafted to buffer the anesthetic prior to the injection. Commonly, anesthetics used by dentists are highly acidic, which causes a stinging or burning sensation that can cause discomfort. However, with onset, the anesthetic can be buffered so that the pH level is at the perfect balance which means that the injection is pain free.
At the same time the anesthetic will be about 3000 times more effective which means that numbness is all but instantaneous. This also cuts down on the amount of time that has to be spent in the dentist’s office.
At Dr. Siegel’s office, patients no longer need to fear coming to the dentist, even for the most serious procedures that require the use of injections. If you are interested in learning more about Onset by Onpharma or any other products we use to help make your dental visit pleasurable and stress-free, call our office today. We can also be contacted by email by clicking here.]]>