Since their conditions often respond poorly to typical treatment strategies, people with chronic pain are often reduced to trying unproven alternative remedies. While some spend their hard-earned money on supplements; others try holistic strategies, such as meditation, massage and acupuncture. Although some people swear by these alternative therapies, research has shown mixed results. Recently, a group of researchers put another unproven remedy under the microscope to see if it offered any pain-relieving power; and – unsurprisingly – their findings were relatively mixed.

Can Pilates Relieve Pain?

Researchers recently tested Pilates to see if it offered any relief from chronic pain. Published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, the study looked at 13 subjects who all had unrelenting neck pain. After participating in an hour of Pilates every day for six weeks, the participants showed less disability and improved function. Unfortunately, none expressed any sort of real pain relief.

What if You Have TMJ Disorder?

A trying condition characterized by jaw popping, migraine-like headaches, chronic pain and tinnitus, TMJ disorder is a complex problem. That said, in the majority of cases, every single symptom traces back to one source cause: a bad bite.

Since alternative treatments such as Pilates do nothing to address this source cause, they cannot provide any actual long-term relief. Contrarily, a targeted remedy can make a huge difference.

Getting Relief From TMJ

To relieve TMJ disorder, you need a targeted treatment that will tackle the problem at its source. By offering a focused treatment strategy, Dr. Siegel provides his patients with lasting relief from TMJ disorder.

Don’t live a tough life marked by headaches, chewing difficulty, chronic pain and tinnitus; contact Dr. Siegel’s office to find out how you can get permanent relief from TMJ disorder.