Recently, a company called Deluxe Comfort began marketing a special pillow originally designed for side sleepers as a way to relieve pain caused by TMJ disorder. Identified as the Better Sleep Pillow, the product is marketed toward TMJ sufferers due to its memory foam construction and unique table-like design, said to both straighten and provide extra support to the spine; thereby allowing TMJ sufferers to sleep through the night without experiencing jaw pain. Unfortunately, those who are suffering from TMD require much more than a pillow to relieve their pain.

Why a Pillow Can’t Relieve TMJ Pain

TMJ disorder occurs when the bite of the jaw is out of alignment. In this instance, your jaw bone wears on the supporting muscles that allow your jaw to move freely while you chew, laugh, or yawn; which then causes severe pain in the jaw and throughout the body. TMJ sufferers often experience back and neck tension, severe headaches, and inner-ear pain, as well. The unique design of the Better Sleep Pillow is actually marketed toward those who most comfortably sleep on their sides with an arm over their head, and has been said to be uncomfortable to those who sleep on their backs and stomachs, as well as those who toss and turn while sleeping. The memory foam construction may provide more head and neck support; however, the straightening of the spine has little to do with the cause of TMJ pain and is not a valid treatment option.
Steps to take:

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Those who are suffering from TMD and its symptoms require a treatment option that targets the root of the problem rather than one possible symptom. If you are suffering from TMJ pain and other symptoms relating to TMD, call Dr. Siegel at (610) 272-0828 today to learn more about treatment options that will actually work for you.