study out of University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center suggests that insufficient sleep causes our skin to age quicker. Presented at the International Investigative Dermatology Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, the research looked at 60 female subjects between the ages of 30 and 49. After following the participants for some time, the researchers noticed that poor sleep contributed to significant signs of aging, including uneven pigmentation, reduced skin elasticity and fine lines. According to the researchers, it appears that insufficient sleep accelerates skin aging by making it difficult for the body to repair itself.

What You Can Do

Clearly, sleep is an important part of good health. Research has linked insufficient sleep with serious medical issues, including dementia, heart disease, cancer and more. Now, this new study has shown that it also impacts our appearances by making us look older than we really are. By getting more sleep, we can promote better long-term health, while also preserving our youth for as long as possible.

Another Way to look Younger

Unfortunately, many of us are already showing significant signs of aging that will remain no matter how much sleep we get. That said, there are some things certain people can do to make themselves look younger. Because they offer inadequate support to facial tissue, traditional dentures create a “sunk-in” look, while also promoting the development of chin wrinkles and jowls. If you wear dentures, you can drastically improve your appearance by switching to the Denture Fountain of Youth®. To learn more, contact Dr. Siegel’s office today.