Cosmetic dentistry can fix a seemingly endless list of smile problems. For example, some patients suffer from extreme tooth discoloration while others have a smile that is missing a few teeth. No matter what type of flaws your smile shows, there is more than likely a cosmetic dentistry procedure available that can be used to fix it. Though not a very commonly seen problem, even something as severe as occlusal cants can be fixed through cosmetic dentistry.

An occlusal cant occurs when the teeth appear to be slanted when compared to the location of the lips and nose. Often an occlusal cant is caused by facial jaw asymmetries that offset the teeth and therefore push them out of aesthetic alignment when compared to the rest of the face. Even though an occlusal cant is a problem within the bone structure, porcelain veneers can be used to remedy the problem.

Through the use of porcelain veneers, the smile can be crafted into one that is balanced and symmetrical. The type and location of veneers you require will differ for every patient but in the end porcelain veneers can mask an occlusal cant. This means that your smile will no longer look slanted and out of proportion. Instead, it will become the focal point that shows off your inner and outer beauty!

Proper placement of porcelain veneers requires a lot of time, effort, and meticulous attention to detail, so you’ll want to go to a dentist you can trust, such as Dr. Siegel. He also has advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry, which means that he is careful to make changes to your smile that will only positively affect the function of your bite. Contact our office today to learn more about an occlusal cant and how porcelain veneers can be used to fix the problem.