For many years now, there have been concerns about the chemical migraines, according to research from the University of Kansas (KU).

BPA-Induced Migraines in Rats

167934943_f61a850d96_oResearchers at KU include some of the top experts in migraines who have performed at least one singular feat: figuring out how to tell when a rat has a headache. Actually, it’s not that hard, because they apparently act like people when they have a migraine: avoid light, sounds, and just sit around trying not to move unnecessarily. They also seem to experience tenderness in the head.

Researchers then found that when rats were injected with BPA, they developed headaches, which led them to postulate that BPA could trigger migraines.

The Migraine-Estrogen Connection

Jumping to the conclusion that BPA could trigger a migraine is actually not a huge leap. BPA acts like estrogen in the system, and an estrogen-migraine connection has long been postulated. After all, three times more women suffer from migraines than men, and migraines are often brought on by hormonal surges, such as the menstrual cycle or changes in birth control.

Reducing BPA-Triggered Migraines

The good thing about this research is that it has an immediate potential impact on your daily life. About 90% of Americans have BPA in their system, so it’s a pretty good bet that you do, too.
It’s also been shown, according to researchers, that “a fresh food intervention” can reduce your BPA levels by 66% in just three days. All you have to do is avoid processed foods, especially microwavable meals, and bottled water.

Addressing Other Migraine Triggers

Of course, there are many different types of migraines, and it’s unlikely that all migraines are triggered by BPA. If you try this intervention and don’t see any reduction in your migraines, it’s possible that your migraines may have a different source. TMJ treatment can result in significant reductions in the frequency and potentially the severity of your migraines.
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