In the past, we had limited tools for orthodontic treatment. With old-fashioned braces made of brackets and wires, people were more likely to get more orthodontic movement than they needed, including the movement of molars that were perfectly functional.

But new orthodontic options let us give you a treatment that is better customized to your needs, which is part of the reason why teeth straightening is increasing in popularity for adults.

Braces the Right Size for Your Cosmetic Goals

One of the biggest innovations was a conceptual revolution. For many people, it’s not necessary to move molars, which are larger and harder to move than your other teeth. If you’re just concerned about crooked front teeth, minor crowding, or small gaps, we can correct those without involving back teeth that could slow down treatment. Six Month Smiles are basically traditional braces that are used smarter, and that allows them to give you the results you want in half the time or less.

Braces the Right Size for Your Life

One of the biggest benefits of right-sizing your braces is getting treatments done faster. How much faster depends on the treatment and your teeth.

Braces the Right Size for Your Budget

We understand: getting your teeth straightened may not be your top budget priority. There are many demands on a small budget and it’s hard to make everything fit. That’s another benefit of right-sizing your braces: the cost is less, too. clear braces, for example, aren’t just faster than other clear braces options, they’re less expensive, too.

The Right Time for Braces?

With so many right-size braces options available, maybe now is also the right time for braces. Don’t put it off for someday: please call (610) 272-0828 for an appointment with Philadelphia cosmetic dentist Dr. Ken Siegel at Dental Excellence of Blue Bell.