Candy, junk food, sweets, and soda have all been linked to poor dental health. Medical professionals, dentists, and parents have all preached that sugary foods and beverages are not only unhealthy; they’re downright harmful to your teeth. Such foods are commonly high in citric and phosphoric acid: two ingredients that have been linked to enamel loss and dental erosion, which can lead to tooth loss. Though most would consider root beer to be an ordinary soda – similar to Coca-cola or Sprite – recent studies have proved the opposite.

To the surprise of many, other studies have determined that in some cola brands, acid amounts ranked 2.39 – or 1.39 higher than a normal battery, which has a 1.0 acid ranking. These numbers truly show the dangers of drinking soda in excessive amounts. On the other hand, a study posted in the March/April 2007 issue of General Dentistry determined that root beer products do not have the same harmful acids and additives that most sodas have.

While consumers don’t need to worry about ruining their smile and oral health with an occasional soda, consumption of colas and similar products should be limited. If consumers want to drink soda, choosing healthier and safer alternatives, such as root beer, is more ideal.

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